26th Annual "Rock Solid" Bull Sale
March 13, 2017, 1:00 p.m.
at the ranch, 5 miles west of
Springview on Highway 12
Pick of the 2016 Heifers
Included in the pick of the heifers are daughters out of Cash's dam, Barstow Queen W16, who recently sold for $40,000 on the NWSS
Foundation Sale, as well as daughters out of Cash's sister Barstow Queen Z76 who serves as a donor for both Krebs Ranch and
Barstow Angus. We will start the sale with the pick of the 2016 heifers. Winning bidder will have the opportunity to make their selection
from the heifers that we have to breed and retain in our herd. They are the heifer mates to the bulls selling and carry the same herd
building genetics. Buyer will have until April 1 to make their selection and pick up their heifer. A complete list of these heifers are below.
                                                                                                     Sire x Dam's Sire
18713351        Barstow Miss Brutus D3                Kramers Apollo x Barstow Cash
18551476        Barstow Queen D4                       Kramers Apollo x Patron 205
18716121        Barstow Dolly WA D8                    Mohnen Impressive x Barstow Upward Y132
18713400        Barstow Queen D10                     Barstow Cash x WK Rocky
18713406        Barstow Miss Dianna D13             Barstow Cash x WK Rocky
18713348        Barstow Tidy Bee D20                  Kramers Apollo x Barstow Cash
18713350        Barstow Queen D28                     Kramers Apollo x WK Rocky
18551191        Barstow Dolly WA D29                  Barstow Cash x Varilek Foresight
18709381        Barstow Bluebird Lass D30           Barstow Cash x Mytty In Focus
18550991        Barstow Mignonne D32                 Connealy Black Granite x Sitz Upward
18550121        Barstow Black Magic D33              Barstow Cash x Connealy Contrast

18736901        Barstow Queen D40                      Vision Unanimous x Connealy Final Product

18713370        Barstow Bluebird Lass D44           Kramer Apollo x Barstow Cash
18713433        Barstow Miss Brutus D45              Barstow Cash x Connealy Final Product
18550990        Barstow Queen D50                     Barstow Cash x Really Windy
18713419        Barstow Betty D51                        Barstow Cash x Connealy Final Product
18712580        Barstow Queen D71                     Kramers Apollo x Barstow Cash
18713420        Barstow Dolly WA D73                  Barstow Cash x Kesslers Frontman
18713377        Barstow Queen D76                     Hilltop Open Range x Connealy Consensus
18713422        Barstow Georgine D83                 Barstow Cash x Really Windy
18714059        Barstow Tidy Bee D88                 Kramers Apollo x VAR Rocky
18713423        Barstow Jilt D97                           Barstow Cash x Totus Medius
18713424        Barstow Miss Brutus D98             Barstow Cash x KCF Bennett Efficient U202
18713401        Barstow Miss Extra D106             Barstow Cash x Mytty In Focus
18713344        Barstow Miss Brutus D115           Kramers Apollo x SAV Final Answer
18551189        Barstow Miss Dianna D120          Barstow Cash x Sitz Tradition RLS 8702
18713405        Barstow Betty D126                     Barstow Cash x Totus Medius
18713346        Barstow Miss Dianna D128          Kramers Apollo x Sitz Upward
18713407        Barstow Queen AA D145             Barstow Cash x Sitz Tradition RLS 8702
18551190        Barstow Queen AA D159             Barstow Cash x Schurrtop MC 2500
Daughters of W16
18551494        Barstow Queen D2 x Kramers Apollo
18551493        Barstow Queen D16 x Kramers Apollo
18551454        Barstow Queen D146 x WK Smooth
18550116        Barstow Queen D158 x Mohnen South Dakota
Barstow Queen W16  ~~ Dam of Cash
Daughters of Barstow Queen Z76 (Sister to Cash)
18551483        Barstow Queen D111 x Kramers Apollo
18551484        Barstow Queen D118 x Kramers Apollo
18551486        Barstow Queen D140 x Kramers Apollo
18550114        Barstow Queen D143 x Mohnen Impressive
18716118        Barstow Queen D304 x Mohnen Impressive
18716119        Barstow Queen D311 x Mohnen Impressive
Barstow Tidy Bee RCA T8  Reg #16515386
Mytty In Focus x TC Patroit
Great Barstow Donor Cow
Daughters of T8
18713411        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D301 x Barstow Cash
18713352        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D302 x Kramers Apollo
18713353        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D303 x Kramers Apollo
18713412        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D306 x Barstow Cash
18713413        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D307 x Barstow Cash
18713355        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D309 x Kramers Apollo
18713414        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D312 x Barstow Cash
18713356        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D314 x Kramers Apollo
18713357        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D315 x Kramers Apollo
18713358        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D316 x Kramers Apollo
18713359        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D317 x Kramers Apollo
18713415        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D318 x Barstow Cash
18713416        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D320 x Barstow Cash
18713361        Barstow Tidy Bee RCA D329 x Kramers Apollo