Sale Day Phone:  402-497-3449 ~~ Neri 402-322-0286~~Wyatt 402-382-5280

Auctioneer:  CK (Sonny) Booth (918) 533-5587

Drew Feller, Angus Journal/American Angus Assn: 402-841-4215
Randy Rasby, Livestock Plus: 308-386-4857
Scott Dirk, Tri-State Livestock/Farmer-Rancher Exchange/Fence Post: 605-456-1499
Jeff Kapperman, Midwest Messenger: 605-940-5104
Alan Sears, Western Livestock Reporter: 970-454-3986

Terms & Conditions: The cattle sell under the standard terms and conditions as
adopted by the American Angus Association, except as otherwise stated.

Semen Interest: Barstow Angus will retain a 1/3 semen interest in each bull unless
otherwise stated or announced sale day.

Nutrition: Bull nutrition by Bob Reagan, Purina Feeds.  Bob serves as a nutritionist
for several breeders and specializes in the bull development, emphasizing their
future use and longevity.

Health: All Bulls in the sale have undergone a complete vaccination program as well
as parasite treatment. All bulls have passed a fertility test.  All vet work done by Dr.
Chris Finney of the Ainsworth Vet Clinic.

All bulls in sale have i50K genomically enhanced EPD's

Guarantee: All bulls selling for $3500 or more are guaranteed against breeding
injury until September 1st.  All injuries will require a vet inspection and must be
reported to Barstow Angus prior to September 1st. If available, a replacement bull will
be provided and the buyer will retain the salvage of injured bull. If the buyer prefers a
credit for the injured bull, it may be used on the following year sale at purchase price
less $2000, and the buyer keeps salvage value of the injured bull.  Please notify us
as soon as possible should injury occur and prior to the injured bull being sold for
salvage.  This is not intended to be a mortality insurance policy.  We recommend the
purchase of livestock insurance to mitigate this type of loss.

Insurance: Buyers are responsible for insuring their purchases.

Volume Discount: A 3% discount will be given when a single buyer purchases 3-5
bulls.  5% discount for any single buyer purchasing more than 5 bulls.

Delivery: Free delivery on bulls to central points in Nebraska and adjoining states.  
Receive a $50 per bull discount if you choose to haul your own bull sale day.
26th Annual "Rock Solid" Bull Sale
March 13, 2017, 1:00 p.m.
at the ranch, 5 miles west of
Springview on Highway 12
Barstow Angus
2017 Sale
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